Who we are

Focusing on the AROMATIZATION of environments, PERFUMARIA BRASIL
was born with the purpose of delivering to our customers products
differentiated, manufactured with dedication and care.

With more than 20 years in the market and thousands of clients, our company has 03 units located in the city of Itajaí-SC, with its own production of all product lines. We are in a frank process of expansion, reaching more and more places and people. It is the people who move us.

A PERFUMARIA BRASIL has a line of more than 455 products in line, with fragrances and varied proposals. The company makes and
internally develops all the items, which follow a rigorous quality control, complying with all Anvisa legislation.

We also have a team of experts in product creation, committed to excellence. Our professionals are always attentive to market trends, to deliver what is best for our Consumers. Each product is developed with a particular purpose, thought of in every detail, to provide you with an increasingly convivial and fragrant environment.

BRAZIL PERFUME. O Value of a Love

We manufacture with your brand

Oferecemos suporte completo, para criação de produtos com sua marca. Nossa equipe, conta com profissionais qualificados em todas as etapas da produção, garantindo que você chegue aos seus objetivos e fidelize clientes.

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