Premium Liquid Soap 350ml

Perfumaria Brasil's Pearly Liquid Soap is indicated for the hygiene and hydration of the skin.



Perfumaria Brasil's Pearly Liquid Soap is indicated for skin hydration and hygiene.
This 350ml line has 5 different scents!

– Content: 350ml
- Equipped with a pump valve
– Fragrances: choose from the 5 options below:

* Alecrim Blanc: Soft and refreshing aroma of alecrim with notes of vanilla, inspired by Le Lis Blanc essences.
* Dark Malone: Woody fragrance, striking. Indicated for people of personality and inesquecíveis.
* Flor de Cerejeira: Quentes, conchegantes notes, which remind us of luxury and comfort.
* Romã e Mirtilo: Tons adocicados, with delicacy of romã and or freshness of myrtilo. Confer docura e alegria ao atmosphere.
* Verbena Loccit: inspired by the famous line of Verbena da Loccitane, this collection confers sophistication and femininity to any environment.

– How to use: Apply on hands or on a wet vegetable loofah and spread. rinse next

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