Thinking about your health and well being, we created the THERAPY LINE. These are products that contain essential oil in their formulation, turning products that used to only perfume into functional products that treat the body and mind. In this line you will find Diffusers for Sticks, Home Sprays and Liquid Soaps.
Perfumaria Brasil essential oils are 100% pure and concentrated oils. They are extracted directly from leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds and even the bark and stems of a multitude of plants. Through aromatherapy, essential oils bring several benefits to physical and mental health.
The brace diffuser Perfumaria Brasil aromatizes your environment continuously, in addition to being an excellent element of decoration.
O Home Spray is a practical way to scent the environment. Because it is easy to apply, the user himself defines the frequency of use and the intensity he wants. The best choice for those who want to perfume the house with a quick and practical job.
We have several lines and scents of essences, in flasks from 10 to 100 ml for all types of public. With a penetrating and strong aroma, they are perfect for all environments and moments and can be used in different ways: in ceramic, electric, pot pourri, réchaud and even in the manufacture of handicrafts.
Awaken your senses with Perfumaria Brasil Soaps, our soaps not only clean gently without drying, but also perfume, promoting a feeling of relaxation and well-being and leaving that unique scent on the skin.
In general, Perfumaria Brasil Bath Salts are a great option to perfume and relax the body. Ideal for a day when you've overdone it with physical activity or just want to enjoy an invigorating moment. Some variations contain plants and natural extracts in their composition, which combine aromatherapy with relaxation, according to their properties.
Sachets that sharpen our senses! Ideal for perfuming indoor environments constantly, such as drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, car interiors, gift boxes, bags, suitcases, etc. Just remove from the plastic packaging that already starts to perfume.

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